ariana grande sim plez!! High ponytail Ombre texture…

I can try! The link for the hair doesn’t work though :(

Request a sim/hair retexture

I’ve been feeling in the mood to make something, but I’m lacking inspiration. So I guess I’m taking requests!

If you want a sim, give me a prompt, a description or a photo and I’ll do my best. If you want a hair retexture, name the mesh and pick the texture (semi-realistic though, please).

digitalangels answered to your photo “Shamelessly stole Got inspired by Azaya’s idea to blend Pooklet’s…”

Is that Alesso mesh? They always seem to be really hard to make look good no matter what you try, I do like the curly one though. :)

Thanks for the feedback! And yeah, Alesso’s meshes are pretty finicky. Some are really nice, though! I can’t wait for someone to convert their “Paula” mesh.


Just a reminder that if you ever see CC and go ‘hey that’s neat, I’ll totally remember that and download it later’ you can’t

When you go back to download it it will have disappeared off the face of the earth

Download when you still can

Is the steampunk skirt you mentioned in your tags this one, perhaps?

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