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You could check it with the hood checker: just backup first just in case. :)

I’d totally forgotten about that! Thanks for the tip! :D

simblr-beans answered to your post “*sigh*”

Have you tried running in compatibility mode? I find Windows Vista SP 1 or 2 works fine, especially on windows 8

I’ll definitely try that, but I suspect it’s either an issue with the neighbourhood I’m playing or with a piece of CC.

The crashes started sometime in March, and they happen after random intervals of playing the game. I don’t get any lag and almost no graphics glitches. I think either a character file got corrupted and every time the character visits a lot (community or residential) it crashes the game, or I have some default replacement that’s messing up the game.


I wish I knew why my game keeps crashing. Is anyone good at figuring out crash logs for TS2?

After you receive this you have to share five random facts about yourself and then send it to ten of your favorite followers

Eep, thank you! These little things always brighten up my day! <3 

1) I usually don’t wear make-up, but I have curious fondness for nail polish and own about 50-60 bottles. Most of them are back at my parents’ house (and are being sorely missed), but I have about 10 or so bottles with me.

2) My favourite kind of jam is made from black cherries. I’ve received two jars of jam from my parents and am currently stuffing my face with delicious bitter-sweet goodness.

3) I love films, and I was considering starting a thread on GOS about older / lesser-known movies, maybe to exchange opinions or recommendations and such. But most of the films I’ve seen lately that I would recommend are hard to acquire. Unless… ARR ;)

4) I own two stuffed toy rats that look pretty realistic. I love them, but they freak out my room-mates.

5) My birthday was on the 24th! Yey!

:( I’m not sending the thing though (boo! hiss!) ‘cause I’m an awful person who is scared of people.

Request a sim!

So. I’m officially done with my exams (for now), and I’m really in the mood to make something to celebrate my graduation. Maybe some sims. Maybe some sims that you’d request. Just sayin’.

So send me a description or prompt or picture of a person and I’ll do my best :)

Listening to Yahtzee Croshaw’s newest Let’s Drown Out. The TS4 “No pools or toddlers” announcement is mentioned. He doesn’t even like the series and he still thinks it’s rubbish. Heh.

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